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Helping you learn High-Income Digital Technology Skills through online courses

Winners Tech Institute is a professional online digital technology training platform. 

We provide you with complete online training courses in various digital fields including: Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Video Editing, General ICT, Coding, and more. 

At the end of each training course, you get a certificate of completion which you can add to your CV for better job and business opportunities.

Our trainings take place online directly on this website. Once you select your course and enroll, you get instant access to the course content and you can begin to learn right away.

Our course content include videos, screen recordings, text, photos, illustrations, practice exercises and quizzes.

We take a very practical approach to deliver the lessons, giving you all the systems, software, techniques, tools and resources that you need to become a highly paid digital expert.

We believe that in this digital age of massive opportunities, no one should be jobless. That is why we have picked out the most lucrative areas which you can begin to earn after your training.

Enroll now, learn the skills and start winning.

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A passionate and dedicated team, with a goal to provide the best quality digital technology online training courses

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Wilson Njofie

CEO & Team Lead/Web Expert/Digital Consultant
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Alain Njofie

Web Designer/Digital Marketer/Graphic Designer
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Nkemetiafie Arantex

Graphic Designer/Web Designer

Shungmoh Solange

Graphic Designer/Communication Manager

What our Students are Saying

Get training in the most lucrative digital tech fields which enable you to start earning immediately after training, directly through our online courses on this website. Get instant access to course material (Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Video Editing, General ICT, Coding, etc...)